Casa Rius

Casa Rius is a space for creative transformation. A place where artists and creators work to take their art to the next level. A crossroads that allows people from various disciplines to exchange ideas, narrative techniques, concepts. By establishing dialogue, new projects are born that become catalysts for passions, obsessions and ideals.

Artwork does not always reach all audiences who might be the recipients of it. For this reason we open Casa Rius to the business, institutional and associative world, so that they can hold quality events in a unique environment, where creative research merges with the spirit of industrial Barcelona of the 19th and 20th centuries, and 21st century business.

Casa Rius is a modernist style building, built between 1912 and 1913 and designed by Salvador Puiggrós i Figueras, a prolífic modernist architect from Barcelona, commissioned by the artist Josep Rius i Mestres (Barcelona, 1866-1958). Rius, at the age of twenty, founded the Casa Rius industry, dedicated to the religious and nativity scene creation. Despite not having any economic training and being completely self-taught, his natural artistic ability led him to become one of the most sought-after Catalan sculptors of the time and we can find his works in civil and religious buildings.

Casa Rius is a complex formed by the workshop and a block of flats, which he ordered to be built to house his company and family, which included him, his wife and fifteen children, of whom only four will reach adulthood. The family workshop remained under various names until the 1960s. In the last ten years of the 21st century, the factory closed and became a warehouse. Now it has regained its luster. A space with angel.

855 m2
400 pax
Securit, Kitchen, Wifi