Capella dels Àngels

Building from the 16th century with a Gothic layout, with an intense and rich history. Integrated into the historical heritage of Barcelona, it is one of the most beautiful Gothic architecture in Barcelona.

An incursion into the past hand in hand with the strictest contemporaneity. The Gothic Chapel of the Convent dels Àngels brings its secular mystery to the spaces of the MACBA. Integrated into the historical heritage of Barcelona, it surprises the visitor and dazzles them with its sober beauty, like a hidden treasure in the middle of the city. It is the most exclusive setting for holding events that seek a different environment.

The convent was built to house a community of Dominican tertiaries, which in 1497 had settled on the land next to the Verge dels Àngels chapel. The temple itself was built between 1562 and 1566. The church, designed by the master Bartomeu Roig, is of the Gothic tradition. The complex is completed with a simple façade, with a Renaissance portal, and two rooms: the Gothic nave, which housed the interior rooms, and the attached chapel of the Peu de la Creu, the only one of Renaissance implementation in Barcelona, dated 1568-1569. .

Currently, the Convent dels Àngels complex is included in the catalog of the Architectural, Historical and Artistic Heritage of the City of Barcelona and includes the temple and the convent, built mostly during the second half of the 16th century.

380 m2
300 pax and cocktail, 230 pax in theater format and 180 pax in banquet format
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