Casa Ferrer – Vidal

Casa Ferrer-Vidal is the house of culture and of ACICAC Foundation; it is the place where the arts and heritage can coexist, along with other factors that favor their protection and preservation. We offer a new place where the business, institutional, associative and artistic sectors converge, through the organization of events and exhibitions to create new synergies and cultural links.

Casa Ferrer-Vidal was built between 1914 and 1916 by the modernist draftsman and architect Eduard Ferrés y Puig (1880-1928) as a family residence for Lluís Ferrer-Vidal i Soler (1861-1936), a prominent businessman, patron, politician and prominent figure in Barcelona society and member of the Ferrer-Vidal family dynasty.

At first, it was planned as a five-story house, which has been changing and reforming over time and, unfortunately, has also suffered architectural losses in its initial structure, such as the elegant dome that crowned it and the terminals of the facade. However, the great tribune of the main floor with a lowered arch, the stained glass windows, the set of the first floor and the portal are original elements of the construction itself, which have remained unaltered and which we have been able to preserve to the present day.

1200 m2
250 pax
Kitchen, security, Wifi